"Hide CDR Media" never works for me

Hi, I have been able to copy some recent games to make backups. Some of these new titles include Warcraft3 and such that I learned from reading the forums here, can only run in the burner if the hide cdr media option is enabled. They do run fine in any non-cdrw drive, but even with the hide cdr media option enabled, they just don’t go in the burner. I am not really complaining because I can get them to work on my other drives, but curiosity drives me insane to know why it just doesnt go in the burner with that option enabled. If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I would gladly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance…

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I have burnt Warcraft3 with Nero successfully (just copy cd), but to play it, i had to use a crack.

Update CloneCD to the latest version, it should work then.
Rotame: That’s not a 1:1 backup.

Umm, I have clonecd version
I think it is the current latest version. I had to install the patch because I live in the US and the option used to be grayed out. It is available now after the patch, and if it helps I am running WinXP Pro. If there is a newer version of clonecd, please point to into the right direction to get it. Also, I don’t remember but I think I may have upgarded from version 3.3.something if it makes any difference.

you have right! i wrote about Nero in a clone cd forum. Just wanted to said that Warcraft 3 can successfully burnt!

Hey Rotam I understand you can make a copy using nero, but I have a working 1:1 copy from using clonecd. I am past the copying stage. I just want to know why one option never works for me. Like I said before, the game works in any non-cdrw cd-rom or dvd-rom, along with other games. But it will NEVER go in my burner.

Further, I realize the clonecd databse is not completely up to date on ever burner. Is there any test I can do to know if my burner qualifies for any sheep, particularly for EMF encoding. If I try to copy one of the latest Safedisc protected games, can that imply anything??? What are games I can try just to see if it will work? Oh yea, I have a Samsung SW-206 writer.

Hope someone out there knows why?

I have the same problem copied game with latest version of clone with clonyxxl installed first to find securomnew(colin mcrae rally 2) went without a hitch plays and installs on any dvd-rom,cd-rom but not in my burner even with enable cdr media
i dont play from my burner anyway but as the previous post was also just curious as to why hide cdr media does not work with me.

liteon 40125s zsoj
dvd-rom drd-8120b

im in uk and it is enabled not greyed out

Originally posted by Rotame
Just wanted to said that Warcraft 3 can successfully burnt!
Yes it can be, but using a crack is “successful”? The crack patches out the protection so how can it be successful?!

@xtacydima: Hide CD-R Media does not work with some combinations of: burner/game title/media

@red lion: “colin mcrae rally 2 … but not in my burner even with enable cdr media” suggests a slight media incompatibility issue; I’ve seen this before, it’s rare, but it happens.

Patches are to remove CD Check! I used them after burning and after installing the game. But again you have right, this is not a successufully burning method. I am out of topic.