Hide CD-R media help with my situation?

I recently backed up my copy of Diablo 2, and know that it is succesful because it installs and plays fine on my main PC (using the Lite-ON 40x burner). However it gives me a SD error and wont install on the DVD drive of my Dell laptop. I have tried it in my friends Acer laptop on his 24x CD-Rom and it works fine there too.

What he is telling me to do is buy the latest CloneCD, install it on my laptop and use the ‘hide cd media’ feature and this should help in my installation.

Anyone please leave feedback on this for me.


It won’t help since normally a DVD-ROM cannot read the ATIP information anyway. I’m not 100% sure that your drive is able to read it and you should thus try it to be sure. You can download a trial version of CloneCD from www.elby.ch. See if that works for you. I’m also not even sure your game uses the ATIP protection for which CloneCD’s ‘Hide CDR Media’ function was intended. Maybe someone can comment on this?

If what GameFreak says is true for my DVD-Rom, do you think it might be that my drive just doesnt like the particular CD-R media that i used?

-my DVD drive in my laptop is a LG DVD-ROM DRN8080B and it is a Dell Inspiron 8200 (2002) Laptop.
-and the cd-r media was Acer 1-24x CD-R

Did you try the trial CloneCD version? Normally a DVD-Rom cannot read the ATIP from a disc but there are a few drives that can read it. It could indeed just be that your drive is picky with the media you used. By the way what did you mean with “However it gives me a SD error” ?

I’ll post the exact error message when I get home, I’ll also give the clonecd trial a try.