Hide CD-R Media Bug Confirmed for Liteon

I’ve tried to clone a cd with the clonecd software. I’ve met with success in the cloning of the cd, but, when I put it into my cd-rom, the game didn’t work.

In the cloned cd I’ve found only this file “track01.cda” instead of the game. Why?

I’ve saved a image of the original cd in the hard disk and i’ve tried many times to burn it but there is always this problem.

I have no idea what you mean :confused:
Please be a bit more specific if you can…

Originally posted by fafy

In the cloned cd I’ve found only this file “track01.cda” instead of the game. Why?

Your burner is an HP, yeah?

No, my burner it’s an yamaha

Bugger, it was 50/50…I wanted to appear all knowing and missed, by that much :wink: HPs & Yammys ahve various models that give this problem. Do you have a separate reader?

OK, your Yammy can’t read or write subchannels, or it can read them but not burn them. Look here and tell us your model & stay in touch

I’ve a separate reader and my burner is an yamaha CRW-6416S (scsi).

I meet this problem only with all game cd.

SCSI is not a great choice for protected CDs. Youe cannot write in Disc-At-Once Mode (DAO) but it can write RAW images (uncorrected). Of Note, it cannot write subchannel data which is needed to back up SecuROM protected game titles. I suspect this is what’s happened to you - maybe Diablo II?

You need to ensure that you only write in SAO (Session-At-Once) Mode and avoid SecuROM protected game titles. Do yourself a favour and buy a Liteon or ASUS 40x (a great reader as well). Keep the SCSI Yammy for as you see fit, of course :wink: