Hide cd media with GTA3?

i have just backed up GTA3 which is reported to have SD2.51 protection.

i have used a liteon 40x with CCD 4, using SD2.51 (no AWS) profile).

when i try to play the disc using my CD writer i have to select hide cd media.

am i right in thinking that the hide cd media option is required because i am using my cd writer to play the game ( i do not have another drive available).

what is this protection called and is there any other way around it other than “hide media”?

i always play it from my dvd-rom without “hide media”

why play from your burner???

As he says, he have no other drive available.
And there is no way around it, if you play from burner, you must enable Hide CD-R Media.


I just needed to confirm what i thought.

o sorry…i was reading it secretly at me work…read it to fast i guess

well there is one thing for sure.aws failed to burn in your copy.answer to your question is yes.the program is fooled into thinking its reading from the cdrom drive.safedisc prevents reading from the burner drive because the burner can read without aws no problem(hey it burned it didnt it?)but the cdrom is another matter.for the copy to play in the cdrom drive the sectors must be amplified. your attempt to burn aws failed.try to look for setting profiles on this site.hope is not lost liteon is usually successful in make aws copies.let me know if this help

What is ATIP and how does it work as copy protection ? :confused: :wink:

2ndsign: you are wrong. LiteOn 24x and above never requires AWS.

2ndsign: you are wrong. LiteOn 24x and above never requires AWS.

Thank You :bow: :bow:

im not wrong.the explanation of safedisc 2 is correct
his copy didnt aws or it would work in the cdrom drive.there 2 main types of asw safedisc2 and 2.5 .the second has 2 more sectors and is very hard to burn.if say a report on which burners can aws the they are probably talking about safedisc 2 not 2.5 so im correct in my statement my friend has liteon 24x and he has a little trouble burning theses extra sectors

you are wrong i have a lite-on 24102b and so do most of the other people here and i have no trouble backing up sd2.51.021 games. the writers listed there are if you read sd 2.51.xx killers meaning they can do it with no help of aws or any other kind of patching:a

Your friend shall learn to handle clonecd and shall stop using cmc, princo, auvistar, posttech discs.

Again: 2nssign: you are wrong. LiteOn can write high DSV sectors well, so that every cdrom can read them. You obviously have no idea about how safedisc2 works (and 2.5 works the same way, just the DSV of 14B9 and 1212 sectors is higher than the DSV of “old” SD2 weak sectors)

sorry guys just said my friend had trouble with it.i know that liteons really have no trouble reading almost anything.you guys are correct.come to think of it. he was trying to burn with nero not clonecd.
Ill eat my word GULP!!

My LiteOn copy safedisc 2.6 also !!!
I used my LTR-24102B and it works greatly !!!