Hide And Seek Menu Issue

This has been my first problem using the preserve menu feature in CloneDVD.

I have attempted to copy Hide And Seek Region 1 6 times and unable to have the menu function at all.

I have been able to copy movie only with no menu without problems.

This movie has 4 alternate endings as well as DTS.

I only made 1 coaster and now try looking at the ripped files through PowerDVD before burning and always get the same result, it will not play the movie. It seems like it’s in a loop, plays a very short scene, and always returns to the menu screen. I have even added the DTS as well as the 3\6 sound tracks thinking perhaps that was the cause, same negative results. Adding the both sound streams with menu still had a 96 % compression.

Has anyone copied this movie successfully with the movie and menu only?

If so what method did you use because I’ve exhausted my options, and I do enjoy challenges?

@ itzbinnice,

I am assuming that you are using the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination.

Perchance have you checked AnyDVD to ensure that you have AnyDVD set to “Remove Annoying Adverts And Trailers” and “Jump Directly To Title Menu”.

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Sorry, forgot to mention I’m using CloneDVD any AnyDVD
I tried everything including copying files to hard drive and even substituted DVD Decrypter for AnyDVD but that also yielded the same failed results.

Whoever mastered this movie had their head up their arse. If you try to watch one of the alternate endings (original disk), the movie starts from the beginning. Like we have nothing better to do is to watch the movie a total of 5 times to see all endings.
You can always fast forward to the end but that’s not the point. The alternate endings (all four) should have began where the change started. I never even watched one out of frustration.

It’s no big deal having one movie without menus, but I am curious as to why this constant looping back to the menu has occurred.

Was typing the above post with more facts when you responded.

Yes I tried that in AnyDVD as well as “Jump Directly To Main Movie”.

@ itzbinnice,

I usually just copy the movie only and when coping a movie with menus
sometimes I over look the “Jump Directly To Title Menu” setting in AnyDVD and just wanted to make you aware to check that.

It appears that you are correct that whoever mastered the original made an error when setting up the menus.

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Thanks for your interest, I’m just surprised nobody else has come across this.
Like I said no problems with movie only, but the menu is baffling me.
The feature I use in the menu is chapter selection instead of having to use the double arrow key on the remote. The pinnacle of laziness.

I’ll keep trying just for the challenge, with computers you never know, do the same thing 10 times and it doesn’t work, but the 11th time it does. sometimes I think demons are lurking in that box.

Is this the movie with Robert de Niro? Is it Widescreen or Fullscreen?
Or is it the movie with Darryl Hannah?

It’s Robert Deniro with the widescreen, sorry should have mentioned it.

Olli please don’t go out of your way to research, it’s only 1 movie this ever happened to me out of hundreds, I have no problem just watching movie only.
But I will keep trying, it’s the only way I know to meet a challenge.

No problem. I have added it on my “to look at” list.

It has a pretty strange layout. Below are the “main” titles.

Title1= 1:40:47
Title2= 1:40:30
Title3= 1:41:44
Title4= 1:42:13
Title5= 1:41:06

Thanks for pointing that out, I believe that I’ve chosen the wrong title.
I used title 4, this was the one on the top and CloneDVD had it selected as the default since it was highlighted.
Never tried any of the other titles.
The order it appeared in CloneDVD was 4-3-5-1-2.
I’ll next try Title 1, if that doesn’t work I’ll try 3, because it’s the 2nd longest after 4. I suspect the four alternate ending have something to do with this.
I see all 5 titles have the same soundstreams and languages.
I think by copying # 4 I have chosen one of the alternate titles.

I’ll post back after my test of using Title 1.

[H]itman you solved the problem, choosing Title 1 proved to be the correct choice and now the files play as they should with the menu preserved. CloneDVD chooses the longest playing (Title 4) as the default, in this case it was not the correct one since it is one of the alternate endings.
Next time I get one with alternate endings I will choose Title 1 first and avoid any problems if I can. Learned a lesson here that I won’t forget, hope I never see another one with 4 alternate endings.

I would guess that you can select all these titles without much loss in quality. If only the ending is different, most of the material should be identical.

itzbinnice, glad you figured out how to fix your problem.

Olli, if you’re in DVD-5 mode (w/no menu) and only select Title1, you are at 83% quality. If you go ahead check the other 4 titles along with Title1, it is then at 65% quality.

Well, than I was wrong for this DVD. There are other DVDs where the difference is very small.

Olli. I know what you’re talking about, I see DVD’s like that quite often. The reason I told you about the size differences, was because I don’t understand how this thing is setup. If there are 4 different endings, I would think there would just be 4 extra titles with time lengths equal to the length of the endings.(approx 15 minutes) I don’t understand why there are 4 extra “1hr 40+” titles, that do show a substantial quality hit when selected.

itzbinnice, so you only selected Title 1 out of the 5 large titles? If that’s what you did, did your backup’s menu still work to view all of the alternate endings?

No, alternate titles cannot be played through the menu because I didn’t select any other title but Title 1. If I try to play an alternate ending it just loops back as it did when I had the problem. I threw the coaster out, but I imagine had I selected alternate ending 4 the movie would have played since that was the title that was copied. Like I said earlier the person who mastered this didn’t have his head screwed on straight. What a total waste of space putting the same movie 5 times on the same disk.
Being a creature of habit using Clone and AnyDVD I always use the first button, keep the default title, check preserve menus, and do the burn.
I didn’t realize there were 5 titles until you brought it to my attention.

To summize, the menu feature works copying Title 1 only, then selecting theatrical version from the menu. Compression was 100 %, by including DTS and AC-3/6 it would have been 96% compression, that’s pretty good only loosing 4% adding DTS.

I selected title 1 first and then selected each of the other four. Edited the others to only include the different ending portion. Final disc had no menus but the four alternates are shown in sequence after the main movie completes. Why they included five full length movies to show a few miniutea different at the end is beyond me!