Hidden Programs on CDS

One of my friends showed me a CD from China. If the computer was chinese a box appeared asking for a password. Otherwise nothing happened. To an English computer it appeared that it was filled with pictures that took up the whole CD. However using ISOBUSTER CD Reader the Hidden programs could be read. One folder had a Mac symbol next to it. Any ideas on how the file sizes were inflated or the files hidden.

I wasn’t aware computers now have races. I think I will get me a native indian computer.

Do you mean it had that font installed or the O/S was of different language? You sure it wasn’t also a difference of AuotPlay being enabled? Or perhaps a PC lacking that font won’t be able to display the proper unicode character set and thus as a feature takes alternate precaution.

It’s a form of protection. You can put whatever files you want on a cd and set it up so that all people that dont know the password or as in your case different language will only see what you want them to see as in your case again you saw that the cd was full of images, you can set it up so that they will see whatever you want and not see what actually is on it.

ps. i cant remember what the program is called but i think it has been talked about here before and i also found it on one of those google ads at the top of the forum

its probably whatever the autorun.inf is set to.


Sorry. My previous account was stuffed so I got a new one. I accidently posted a new thread rather then a reply. Anyway the language of the computer (windows setting) is what is checked. But that is irrelevant. THe interesting part is the inflation of file sizes and hiding of files. Does anyone know how this was done?