Hidden processes

When I start up my computer [Win XP], my “PF” usage is around 160-180 mb with no apps running. However, sometimes after maybe a day’s use, the PF would be at 250-ish mb, still with no apps running.
I can reconize anything foreign or uncommon in the processes list [task manager…], and when the PF is stuck up in the 250’s, there’s nothing-- that I can see-- new in the list.
Occasionally, when I shut down, the “Ending program” window would come up. Is there any way of my ending a ‘task’/process that isn’t on the list? or finding it?

Might be worth running Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy (use both and you’ll catch most spyware). If anyone has any more that they run that catch even more stuff, feel free to add them to the thread.

I know its not fasionable to praise Microsoft but their free Anti Spyware Beta is very good. Especially as it offers real time protection. It also has some avanced tools for system management a bit like Hijak.

you could try several of the free utilities listed here to get deeper into processes, handles, file system usage, etc.:

HiddenFinderV1202 will find hidden processes and drives and let you delete them

Try X-RayPC.
It’s free and no installation is required.

1.download adware feeware version then disconnect ur internet, perform a full scan …delete all infected files and aslo delete back up files which adware will make…then immediatly restart ur pc …

2. check task bar>proccesses if there is any strange task is running …or if some task is taking too much memory …end that task which is taking to much of memory …(u should know exactly abt the task ur ending)

3. try stop or disable windows services which u do not need …search google to know abt the windows services …u can use winpatrol ver 9 (free ware) aslo…