Hidden folders

im not sure if i used two different burners to add files to a disc, multisession but when i put the disc in i can only see three folders when there are about twelve. when i use a program to burn cds i can see all the folders on the disc but when i go to view what files are on it i cant see them all. is there a program i can use to view ALL the folders, the disc is almost full but it says when i look at it in windows that theres only 500mb instead of 4gb. can anyone help please theres some important photos on it i need to get!!! thanks


with Multisession, you can only see the last session, normally.
You may try Isobuster to access your data.


thanks man, normally i can see all sessions when i do a multisession, i´ll try isobuster u got a link??

Go to www.isobuster.com