Hidden folders problem

I have a catalogue of stuff done in HTML all linked from a main page.
When creating either a CD or DVD in Nero and reach the point of add files or folders, the fun starts. Once I’ve added a folder containing subfolders I need to ‘hide’ the subfolders. I select the subfolders right click and select ‘properties’ and select hidden… The subfolders names all change to numbers which breaks all the links established from the start page. Pooched a few CD’s and can’t find an answer so far…any ideas…



Welcome to CDFreaks and Nero forum, could you expain why do you hide the sufolders in complation?.

We produce a CD Catalogue of items for a business. The employees don’t need to see the guts of the project. On start they are presented with a few simple choices that lead to the equipment indexes. The subfolders contain the docs for those pages. I’ll probably try hiding the folders in Windows Explorer before burning the project. But am still stumped as to why the folder names all convert to numbers with similar byte sizes when selecting ‘Hide’ from the properties dialogue box.

Hope that helps