Hidden anti-piracy voice in music aims to discourage P2P/MP3



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  Originally,  copy-protection and DRM measures aimed to make it difficult to extract or  convert music into a form that can easily be shared out, but with a major  drawback that all it took was...
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So now they not only want to stop you from making your backup, but they want to ruin any backups you create. If this is not infringement on fair use, then I have no idea what the hell is. Odds are this will be seen by the RIAA a$$holes and they will incorporate it stealthly into their new crap cd’s. At least we know with the direction music is going that no one with a brain will buy anything anymore. After all I can only take so much of all the retreated trash that they play on MTV. Who the hell listens to this crap anymore anyways?


Am i reading this right The record companies would have to enode it themselves to flood the P2P. or rely on idiot consumers to upload DMR tracks? sounds like they just wasting more $ and possibly even encouraging piracy.


In this case, the music labels would need to embed the hidden message in the music on their CDs for this to work and this also assumes the consumers are using the updated file sharing software using this technology. However, I don’t like the idea of aiming to have this embedded in MP3 players. For example, if one rips their own CD protected with this hidden message and plays it back on their MP3 player that supports the software decoder, then the user will get a nasty voice warnings even though they did nothing wrong in this case.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! What’s next, forcing software to play music backwards so we can hear the “hidden messages”. So 1970’s.


WE R SO SUCH IDIOTS dont buy music, dvd’s, oranything that brings them money we are at war here they are taking away our RIGHT to make a backup of our purchased product which is pure greed but take away the sales for just a couple of weeks and that will send a message home but we are so robotic now that i think that people are brainwashed into i cant do with out this or that just lambs to the slaughter. united we stand divided we fall (very hard) god i miss the days before television and greed


“So 70´s”:MOHAHA,yes rip it,convert it 2 mp3 and play it backwards and you´ll heare the musicians go “baaad-baaad,dont cooooopyy,baaaaaad-baaaaaad,dooooont riip,payyyyyy,paaaaaayyyyy!!!” :B


Is this ever going to stop. A voice patern is much different from a music pattern. Simple enough to filter. This is getting crazy.


This would make rap sound a whole lot better…I would actually rather listen to the RIAA then Snoop Dogg droppin it like it’s hot. :B


I find this very useless, they clearly state that you need a player that will recongize the speech sample, so even if you do download the bad copy playiing it in non-compliant software you will not hear it. Unless they are able to force all software-hardware makers to put this in, I don’t see it working out, but I would not be suprised if they do.


This actually sounds like an interesting idea. It will fail like all other forms of DRM, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Still waiting for a website where I can purchase high-quality, DRM-free music…:c


Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that more details will be revealed exactly 4 weeks from today (March 4, 2005). :B


Looks like they are getting desparet,there is probebly a way around it,if the programers of P2P software make it that a P2P program scans(for known “fakes”,or the 20k marker) all file before uploading or putting it onto the P2P network,then the file wont spread,also they talk about using it for new devices,so just like dvd regions there will probebly be devices that doesnt do it (Like allzone Dvdplayers today)
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This sounds very similar to what movie theaters and advertisers were doing to movies and tv shows quite awhile back. Possibly the next step. Subliminal advertising. They would doctor the film and place a single frame of a nice cold drink image and the people watching would get thirsty, go and order a drink from the concession stand. I’m pretty sure this was deemed illegal. On another note, do the Artists get compensated for the destruction of their work, because the track was altered?


They can ALL go to hell ! The record industry and the bloody hypocrites who spend resources on such CRAP ! What will a voice to do stop piracy they can all go to hell and keep shooting themselves in the foot motherfuckers - I am a legit music buyer and the day where I am no longer allowed to make a LEGAL ARCHIVAL backup according to my fucking rights, then I will stop BUYING and start getting them off P2p… FUCK the music industry. (and the artists for supporting such measures). :B


Actually they made that one up, see: http://www.snopes.com/business/hidden/popcorn.asp Anyway, assuming people don’t already have the bad tracks, what’s going to stop them zipping it into an album and sharing that instead?


Come on guys. Can you actually see mp3 player manufacturers putting this in? As soon as it gets round that their players do this with your mp3 copies from your own cds, people will return them as defective. Plus, who is going to enforce this with none US manufacturers? :g


:frowning: these A#$@$holes are getting greedy more and more, a day after another… :r:r:r:r but well… let them go to hell… i know u all Metal Bands, players, heads and fans… the true metal bands are surely going to disagree to these crap protection things… cuz for some bands… MP3 is a way of spreading their art and music for these who cannot get the RARE pieces… their old albums maybe… who the hell cares for Fu**in’ MTV crap and radioshit… all Rap and pop… even Rap-metal and NU-Metalshit… are going forgotten two months after the realease… only REAL music can stand still… and with protection… no one will ever hear again of the old Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, Manowar, Iron Maiden, and even Metallica… STOP UR SHITTY EXPERIMENTS YOU $ GREEDY A%$#HOLES… i think that we have some people with enough virtue and admiration for Music to pay for they like… who the hell cares to buy a Britney Spears album… i don’t even care to download it FOR FREE… go protect it… Ash Holes… H.Q.