Hickups at the end of copy

I’ve been making backup copies of all my dvd movies i get. :iagree:
I use Anydvd & Clonedvd2. The copy process itself works as a charm but when i make multiple copies of one movie using the same “image”, the latter copies hickup at the end to the point where it isn’t possible anymore to watch the movie.
Is this a memory problem (either physical or swapfile?), Is it a common problem caused by bad blank dvd’s, is it a burner problem or is it the program itself?

How can this be solved.
I tried writing on different speeds, i tried recompressing the movie but somehow, a permanent solution isn’t there…

ah… i’m using a Liteon LDW811S on Mediamarkt Housebrand DVD’s (don’t know which these are)

When you copy the files are from the original make, start Anydvd, make sure ClonedDVD’s “delete temporary files after writing” is not checked. Also make sure that in AnyDVD the Use CSS key Archive box is not checked.

Once you have made your first copy, close AnyDVD, then in CloneDVD select the third button, “write existing data”, and make your next copy. Once complete, if you want another copy don’t exit CloneDVD, but rather hit the back button and copy the files again to a new DVD.

I would not suggest making a copy of a copy if at all possible, from what I’ve read, that copy will be degraded somewhat, and if you use the copy of a copy one as your source, that DVD will be degraded even farther. I personally can’t verify this since I’ve never made a copy of a copy, I will use the original as the source.

P.S. Make sure you have sufficient hard drive space to copy the files to, if you have many movies saved in the temp folder, perhaps try deleing some.
Another thing I always do before burning is defragment my drive where the movie will be stored, this is important to avoid errors.

If the above doesn’t solve your problem and you believe it’s some sort of memory issue you can always reboot after making the first copy and then try making a second by the method described.

And of course use only quality media to rule out it being a media issue.

P.S. Be sure to defragment your drive before burning, this will avoid problems.
Anothe thing make sure there is sufficient hard drive space on drive you are copying the files to.

Copying copies should not degrade anything. We are dealing with digital data, 0s and 1s. It’s not like copying analog tapes where there is degradation with each generational copy.

i’m wondering which media do you use? you have liteon drive could you use cd-dvd speed or k-probe to scan your discs? looks like your discs have high PIE or PIF errors and player can’t handle it

Sounds like a media problem. Do a Cdspeed scan. As far as making a copy of a copy, just use “write existing titles” from the copy in the DVD drive. It comes out just fine.

True to a point - however, if the copy your are starting off with has degraded and the video may now have dropped frames, so the backup will also have dropped frames. So, yes, you have made an exact copy but it is still crap - I suppose it is back to the old saying of garbage in, garbage out!!

I agree with that statement, but from what I’ve read when you burn it may cause some errors that were not on the original files, the more you burn those set of files the greater the chance of more errors. Also depends on DVD reader, and the burner and media you are using,

Nope. This isn’t like Audio CDs. Video DVDs are made the same way as Data DVDs. It has error correction and checksums. Either the sector can be read ok (if it was partially damaged the error correction will have corrected it), or you will receive a read error if the damage is too big. There is no “degration”. If you do not receive a read error, your copy will be as good as the source.

Thanks for the education. Just goes to show you don’t believe everything you read, especially if the internet is the source.

I tried cd-dvd speed on a pretty old, slightly scratched burned media which i usually use for the movie burning:

General Information
Firmware: HS0R
Disc: DVD+R (POMSC001 002)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 1095
Average: 113.72
Total: 1647637
PI failures
Maximum: 29
Average: 1.77
Total: 52309
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 51:46
Number of samples: 123027
Average scanning interval: 1.07 ECC
Glitches removed: 11

Since i have no clue what is good or bad in those numbers, and i don’t know which of those numbers are even important, i just posted them all.
Will upgrading to a f.e. Benq DW1640 help or is it just the media?