Hiccup Occurring when creating AVC file

I’m converting my DVD’s to AVC files for my Home Mediacenter. I’ve opted to use Standard AVC format @960kbps because of HD space. I find that occasionally when I’m attempting to run a simple program or just like this morning when I simply moved the Recode window while it was running the conversion that my conversion speed would drop to something as low as 0.75 fps. and would continue to run at less then 5 fps. :eek:

I’ve discovered when this happens the finished product is a very small file that contains a nothing more than audio. I’ve had this happen on both my computers so I know it must be some sort of a bug. Yesterday I loaded that latest version of Nero Recode Like I said the problem happened again this morning. :confused:

Both computers are more that capable of handling Recode: my main system has a qx6700 w/2gb Ram w/2x raptor drives. The other system has e6700 w/2gb ram both have plenty of available disk space.

However both are running Vista but no out of the ordinary software.

I would like to hear if anyone else has had this same problem. Currently I’m only creating MP4 AVC files so any input would be appreciated.

If your still with us JohnV I would like to hear your thoughts on this very much. Thanks for your input…


Hi Don,

This is a known problem which seems to happens with certain hardware/software configuration more often than with other. If you are running some directX apps like games or changing resolution during the conversion, or doing something else video related you increase the risk of this happening with some systems.
I’m hoping the new encoding architechture which will be introduced soon will finally get rid of this problem…

Thanks for the info. I built one machine specifically for running Recode which works out well at the moment, It’s just aggravating to try to use may main computer for other task especially when it appears to have plenty of resources and the processor isn’t being taxed.

This is somewhat off topic but in the hopes that there’s a substantial difference between the next major release (Nero 8). I was wondering how the progress was going? and when Beta testing will start? I was also wondering if it will have built in support for DTS, Blueray, HD-DVD, etc…

It would probably be better to have a separate thread on that subject.
Thanks for all your help it’s been great working so close with you guys.