Hi8 Tape Reader/Adapter?



I have a Hi8 tape I want to get the video off but I do not have the camera anymore so I can not just plug it in.

Are their any adapter etc… that i can use?

I am in Australia.

Any help would be great.



There are enumours capture hardware devices for analog formats, such as Hi8 tape. You just have to find one that it helps. I know plextor has one, but there are also from Pinnacle, MainConcept, etc.


you definitely need the camera/player to be able to capture it


Hi TT111,

I have actually seen a Hi8 VHS adapter cassette but of course this is under the assumption you do have a VHS Vcr. If you do, then these are pretty cheaply available(compared to the Hi8 camera) all around(SONY is what I’d reccommend). What you do is put the HI8 into the VHS Adapter by Sony(whatever company you prefer) and capture using the output of the VCR .

Hope this helps.


Sorry to say but there is no way to get an adaptor for the Hi8. They do not even make one. Go to http://hometheater.about.com/cs/vcrs/a/aa8mmtovhsa.htm and this will explain it all to you.


8mm and VHS are 2 totally incompatible standards. Thats why there is no such adapter possible. In japan u can get a vcr to play such tapes (as well as transfer to vhs in the same unit) but they must be pricy. The easiest thing would be to borrow or rent a camera and then use one of those hardware capturers to link with a PC


I have same request. If you become aware of product available in Aust. could you let me know at bjjkc@hotmail.com? Thanks Brian :bow: :bow: