just wanted to say hi to everyone. it seems that noone actually says hello to anybody on these forums.

gta3 is out soon and i can’t wait. just hope i can make a backup of it!!

i don’t buy the games for the play but for the challenge to burn them. then i play till my eyes bleed

2morrow is the last day of my school and i will never have to go back again (how sad:( )

im a free man with the world at my feet. i need a career, and i was wondering what u guys do?

as you can probaly tell im very bored and i havn’t posted for a while so i thought i would write bollocks (but all true)

in fact im still drunk from my leavers ball 2 days ago. I’ve never had sooooooo much to drink :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the real world kid :slight_smile:

Maybe a good idea to make a sticky ‘Hi’ thread :wink: