Anyone can tell me where to get the liteon24x firmware, the web site download is broken and I dont wanna get a shock with this firmware update from liteon. I mean if these guys are trying to do what plex has done.

Oh I live in Australia. I ordered liteon LTR-24102 unfortunately the wholesaler does not know LTR-24102(B or I). He said it just says LTR-24102.

So should Iget this drive?

Got this link out of the FirmWare forum: http://www.liteonit.com.tw/cdrwdrv/cdrwdrv.htm

The question if you should but this drive is entirely up to you. It’s cheap that’s for sure and for that price it’s a good writer. I suggest you try searching on the ‘liteon’ on this forum and you check the review section @ www.cdrinfo.com

I appreciate it. I knew about this site but I have been trying to download it for a couple of days and the link was broken, I was afraid liteon is turning the other way like plex has or seems to. WEll the link is working now.

If anyone one knows the email address to contact liteon will appreaciate it. I really wanna tell them that their web site lacks info on a lot of stuff, majorly the 24x writer.

Got the liteon 24x10x40 yes LTR 24102B and copied my first copyprotected game Q3 TA. Works like a charm. A problem I have come across.

Dont ask me why but I love direct cd 5 because as far as I know this software is the only one that uses cdr’s and not just cdrw’s for packet writing, but it is not either supported by the drive or something is wrong. Either way incd 232 works with which I installed after uninstalling direct cd 5.

Why does this drive not support directcd 5

Another thing I also have winoncd 3.8 pe installed and I had my old burner Ricoh Mp 7060… well it is a solid software and now after replacing that drive with this it asks me for drivers(.dll)files. I have nero installed as well and it works fine. If u are curios i had these software installed together for a long time.

any help plz

Will try winoncd update as well.

Now for another question

Lite on 24x lets me write a max speed 24x that is even on media certified to write at best at 16 x now should I be worried that all the smartburn or smart x features are not working. The reason I ask this is I read posts that say their fast burners slow down burning when they find the quality od cdr not up to the standard. Mine burns and reads fine of that specific cdrs which I have burnt.
If this is a feature where should I turn it on in nero

thanks for any help