Hi-ya, I'm a newbe here, help with ISO boot disk

Trying to make a bootable Linux disk. Need to copy ISO.
I have Clone CD but do not believe it will make a boot disk. Or it may not even read a ISO image?
Can not use nero, because my Plextor will only make coaster when I try, and no, I don’t know why, and have quit trying to figure out why, but I can use Easy CD Creator, if that will work?
any help in this will be greatly appreciated.

go to www.dvddecrypter.com and download Decrytper…it’s free and it’s a small download.

Then go to mode > ISO > write

browse to find your ISO file and burn it.

I dont’ use clonecd or Roxio products so I’m afraid I can’t help you do it with them.

hi Spookn

If i am correct you have a linux distro in iso format?
Iso is an image file of a cd. Because it is an OS, the iso contains all information to make the cd bootable.

Not sure what cd burning programs you have, but Burnatonce can burn ISO files for free. (of of course dvddecrypter).


Hey thanks for the help. I got it going finaly, all I have to do now is learn Linux!