Hi-Val DVD Writer

I was looking for an inexpensive dvd writer for my daughter’s computer. I already have a LiteOn 851 with Code Guys CG3E and a BenQ 1620 with B7T9. I was wondering if anyone would know who makes this burnere?


Thanks koolaidwa. I guess that’s a start, but I was looking for the manufacture. From the threads it seems that it could be a LiteOn , AOpen or ???. Is there any way I can tell from the quoted specs. It looks as if it has DL burning ability?

it’s made by Accesstek or BTC

8x +R, 4x -R and 2.4x DL - that should narror it down, as most DL capable drives seme to be 8x8 or better, not 8x4 - in fact, I’d say that stamps it as an older drive.

This page, at HIVAL, does not specify DL - looks like the COMPUSA description is WRONG!

I’d amend my guess to BTC 1008 - it’s NOT a double layer drive.

i wouldnt buy that drive if it is really a BTC Drive it gives better drives even liteon drives ar far better compared to the 1004/1008 BTC drives.