HI-VAL DVD 16X writer Only $24.99 @ Fry's

Fry’s Electronics has one day sale for good many things namely:

  1. HI-VAL DVD 16X (most likely BenQ repackage 1640 0r 1670) for $24.99 after $15 MIR

  2. 400GB SATA or PATA from Seagate for $99.99 each,

  3. Nero 7 Ultra for $24.99 after $20 MIR


:rolleyes: How can one tell if the Hi-Val burner is a benQ 1640 vs a 1670. Would love to get a 1640, but don’t want any part of the 1670.

easy, open the box, thats what I did. But good luck on landing on a 1640. For the External Version, it is DQ60 encasing in an external case.

I’d like the Nero deal, but I can’t get anywhere with that link. I went direct to the Fry’s (Outpost) website, but it is listing Nero Ultra at $99.99 with a $20 rebate. Have you got another link or code? Thanks.

I was asuming that you do have Fry’s in your area and obviously you should have their today’s ad in your local newspaper. Here is the part you are interested (Nero).

These are the rest:(HD & HI-VAL Writer):

I bought this drive ~~May/06 Open up It is 1670. Burning well and recently I try DLDVD it does not work, DVD player allway stop at haft the movie, I try Shrink, Nero 6,
Clone DVD, VSO, all produce same result. so I have 4 bad DL DVD. Not flashable with BenQ firmware.

Sure they are. Mine was first flashed to sony firmware and then to 102 Benq firmware. I’m now running 103 Benq firmware. Seems all i had to use was MCSE to do the job.

Same firmware path I took, and it works fine. Quieter than my 1640, and better at handling the crappy Verbatim MCC004 +R’s that have been floating around the past few months. The only thing that really bugs me is not being able to scan with Nero CD/DVD Speed :frowning:

I like my 1670. It’s a good reader and writer. Writing quality compared to my other Benqs is not quite as good but I have owned a lot of burners that are far worse. It would be nice if they had scanning ability but thats why you always need more than one drive! :bigsmile:

Since virtually BenQ drive are disappearing from market all together and they will be hard to find having HI-VAL repackage of BenQ, 1670 is a plus that we should be happy to have.