Hi to All, and a question re: DVD recorder 5006




I recently bought a Lite On 5006 “All Rite” DVD recorder for my TV setup. Whoopee! I connected the RF input socket to my analogue TV aerial, and connected the SCART output to the SCART input of my Sharp TV (with a tried and functional SCART lead) - all as per the instructions. I then proceeded to tune the DVD tuner in to the desired analogue channels (UK). All OK. BUT, whenver my DVD is swithced on the TV picture is always on the channel that the DVD is receiving, and trying to switch the TV to one of the TV tuner stations (using the TV remote control) fails. This means I can only watch whatever channel the DVD tuner is tuned into when it’s switched on, so I cannot record one channel whilst watching another.
A colleague of mine read somewhere that cutting pin 8 from his SCART lead might resolve this, so he tried and that failed.
I’ve tried the firmware upgrade, and that doesn’t help either.
It’s like the DVD recorder assumes control of the TV and doesn’t wann let go!
Does any knowledgable sole know a solution to this problem (apart from buying a new TV)?

Thanks in advance for any help.


p.s. I’m a Product Manager, aged 35, into digital photography, mountains and scuba…and watching DVDs!