Hi there... anyone help?

hi there
i am simon, and we (my partner and i run a studio in york. we really need some help, in laymans terms, to explain a bizarre situation…

We have an automated cd duplicator (RQuest) and when a customer brings me a cd to copy i put it on the hopper and the robot picks up the cd, puts it in the drive and reads the information on the cd before copying it and burning it onto a blank disc.

usually there is no problem but a recent client gave me his master CD but the duplicator displayed the warning message cd-text error - ignore?
i said no to this and continued to burn the cd.

when the cd was then put into the computer, it said audio cd, track 1, track 2, although the tracks were listed with their titles when in Windows media player. Also in nero audioplayer. but not in real player.

when the cd was played in a cd player the text was not displayed - :doh:

The above was also true when i put the clients master into the computer etc.

the client said that when he put the master cd into his own computer all the information was displayed, and also in the cd player.

he is convinced there is a problem with my duplicator but other cd’s copied on the same machine had no problem with text errors.

what i want to know is could there be a problem with the way his master was created? and some technical information regarding the way cd text is created and added to a master.

please can anyone give us a definitve answer to our problem? we would be very thankful for any help you can give us :slight_smile:

Which model is this?

My suggestion would be to contact RQuest. As with all CD audio formats, the correct duplication of extra features, such as CD Text can be tricky. It may be the case that you need to update the duplicator’s main/copy board software or perhaps even the firmware in the optical drives.

Is the unit still under warranty? Is it still supported (not end of life)?

You can find sometimes find the certified drive firmware, mainboard (copy board) software/firmware and/or robot firmware/macro updates on the manufacturer website. In other cases, they don’t make them available for discovery by the general public, but they will email them to you if you email or call with your model and serial number handy.