Hi some help plz

Hi i just bought a burner,can u peeps plz tell me ow exactly to burn music CD’s as i tried and they kept failing,do i have to buy spesh music only CD-Rs?

Please sir,

Give more info:
brand of burner
program name that came with the burner.

Some regular info about audioburning;

--------------Audio CD Copying--------------
-------------Nero Burning ROM---------------
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>code:</font><HR><pre>
Insert a blank CD into the destination Recorder and the original CD into the source CD Reader.
Click on Nero – Burning ROM.
Go to the ‘Audio-CD’ option.
Go to the ‘CDA Options’ tab.
Select the CD Reader that contains the source CD.
In the ‘Read Speed’ box, make sure it is set to as far as the CD Reader can go.
Make sure the ‘Cache the track on harddisk before burning’ box is checked.
This will ensure that a perfect, distortion-free copy is made when the CD is recorded.
Go to the ‘Burn’ tab.
Make sure that the ‘Disk-at-Once’ box is checked.
If you want to test the operation before going ahead with it, make sure that the ‘Determine Maximum Speed’ and ‘Simulation’ boxes are ticked.
If you want it to write the CD without testing, make sure that the ‘Write’ box is ticked and the others are left blank.
In the ‘Write Speed’ box, make sure that it is at the maximum that your Recorder can go.
If you have problems, change it to 2x or even 1x.
Specify the number of copies you wish to make in the ‘Number of Copies’ box.
When you are happy with your settings, click on the ‘Copy CD’ tab.
A box entitled ‘Write CD’ will pop up which you will need to confirm to start the recording process.

Note: Recording audio at a fast rate ie. 4x, 6x or 8x, may cause inaccuracies after the process has finished. If crackling or slight distortion can be heard, it would be best to record at a lower rate of 2x for future recordings


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By the way, you don’t need speech only cd-r’s
hmm, which i’ve never heard of, but i’ve heard of audio only cd-r’s. Anyways, that’s besides the point, regular cd-r’s should work, I might add here, I highly recommend the Kodak silver ones.

Next thing, give more info on your software and burner.


thx alot,i got nero,disc juggler and cdrwin my burner is a mitsumi crw 24x read 4x write 4x rewrite.

Hi tit.

Are you trying to burn the CD directly from the source? Because if your source cd-rom drive is to slow (like mine is) you can’t burn the CD “on-the-fly”. In my case either have to burn at 2x, or copy to my harddrive first. BTW, do you have a Mitsumi 4804TE?