Hi-res LCD monitors for desktops

Two models attract my eyes.


IBM 3,840x2,400 nearly for $4K


Apple 1920x1200 for $1,615

The latter uses LG-Philips panel and the nearly identical LG Electronics model costs 50% more in Seoul.

3,840x2,400 is four times more than 1,920x1,200. For that price, many I know around me will buy instantly.

Wow, nice stuff!

But really… who needs 3,840x2,400?!? :eek:

Don’t you? :bigsmile:

Agreed, not even exteme gamers need this much.

Not only that, there aren’t any games or GFX cards that can pump out that resolution anyway. Taking a quick peek at my local IT shop the highest GFX card resolution I could find was 2048x2048.

I used two 2048x1536 in 2001 and I only spent about US$600 for that including a Matrox G550 for dual monitoring.

2 x 2048 x 1536 = 6,291,456

1 x 3840 x 2400 = 9,216,000

It’s not that big. Pixels are just pixels. The more, the better.

The real problem is not whether one needs this or not, but how to display the pixels properly even if one had this monitor and, before that, how to pay for it. :slight_smile:

You need two DVI’s. And that’s why some resellers bundle very expensive cards with the monitor. Nanao once sold its US$2000 monitors and gave a $400 ATI card for free, which was very expensive for a graphics card at that time when gaming was not the main point in deciding which hardware is best.

South Korean resellers charged no more than 15,000,000 Won for this monitor. That’s a lot more than one pays for average car in South Korea. An average South Korean university student pay about 5,000,000 won in a year. It was not meant for gaming.

Hey don’t get me wrong. I still want one, I just don’t think I’d be using such a high res is all :wink:

So what kind of GFX card could power a res that high? I’m confused about the two DVI part…

Thats a lot of money though for a refurbed monitor, whatever crazy amount of pixels it may display. Also it’s only what, 22 or 23 inch? — For $4000 and it’s rebuilt!!!- whoa. Better come with a kick ass warranty. Looks like the new ones range $6000 to $7000 something.

For almost everyone out there, this monitor seems like a waste of money. Graphics designers, or almost anyone who needs a pretty high res monitor, wouldn’t need this, quite the overkill I think.
You can get a very high res monitor (2048 pixels is already overkill for almost any applications I think) for less than half of that. Honestly, why would you ever need such high res??

You could sort of compare the pixels to dpi on a printer. Take a photo printed at around 2400 dpi, or even just 1200 dpi. Then one at 3000 something or more dpi. See a difference?? No, you won’t— once you’re above photo real quality, any higher is really wasteful and not necessary. Just my opinion anyway :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I want one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Memo to myself, call ATI & NVidia to ask when they will release graphic cards that will support these resolutions. :wink: :bigsmile:

Don’t you need a pair of binoculars for a monitor that spits out 3,840x2,400. Tell me something, where can you find a video card that can produce resolution that high at 60Hz?