Hi Res Cd Covers

Plz Can Anyone Advise Me Where I Can Get My Cd Covers From In Hi Res Seen A Few Sites, But U Have To Pay For The Pleasure,



I don’t know what you mean by high rez. But this place has a lot of covers for CD and DVD.

High Resolution, Or Uncompressed Covers, I Know Freecovers Do Them , At A Price

I Dont Have A Scanner So Im Relint On Cd Cover Sites But Mst Of The Images R Blurred, Maybe Im 2 Fussy

Try Coversplace.com only hi res covers, no crap

My favorite site for both CD and DVD Covers.

Link: http://www.cdcovers.cc/


If they do it at a Price! Then they are not FreeCovers! :slight_smile:

www.coversplace.com is the best one to be at… hi-res covers the lot!