Hi, Problems readin divx in my DvrLx60 :


Just bought Pioneer DVR-LX-60 .
Everything went good untill i tried to put inside a burnt dvd of sopranos episode in divx .

What i get is jumping picture and some gray line under it .
The strange thing is that the sound is ok and every other dvd player i tried it was great and smooth .

In my bedroom in another dvd player it was great in my pc and my wife notebook we can see it no problems .

Only in the pioneer dvr-lx-60 we see some bad picture video .
And i tried to put another dvd divx i burnt Dantes Peak with english suntitles and its working great on the pioneer dvdr-lx-60 . The Dantes Peak divx movie is on the dvd i burnt without any directories and two files one the movie and one the subtitles .

The sopranos episode is with hebrew subtitles allready built in its not two files one file the movie with the subtitles built in and also the file name of the sopranos episode is very long . Could be one of this making the problems ?

I dont understand how come in any other dvd player we see it clear smooth no problems and only in the pioneer we see it so bad .

I also upgraded the pioneer dvr-lx-60 to new firmware latest i found 1.62 .
But it didnt help either .

If anyone have any other ideas id like to see please :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the help .

Hi Chocolade,

I had the same problem using this recorder,despite the fact it’s listed as being DivX compliant(with no mention of XviD !!!)and the only way I found around it is to either change the code to XviD using Nic’s FourCC Changer,which you can d/l with the full XviD software package,or to completely re-encode to XviD using VirtualDub or VirtualDubMod.

I’m currently corresponding with Pioneer for instructions how to use the ‘combine’ function,as I’ve NEVER EVER seen the option on this player,despite it getting a very brief mention on page 97 of the manual,so if anyone has any clues about that I’d be grateful.

Edit:Combine function now sussed,but not in the slightest bit useful to me anyway,especially as discs are now soooo cheap,it’s easier to just burn additional stuff to another one,rather than battle with the recorder for 1/2 an hour to try something that may not even work properly in the end.

The thread is old, but still…

Try the new firmware: http://files.pioneer.eu/files/support/DVR/DVR_LX60_LX60D_v168.zip