Hi! newbie with a dell laptop needs a dvd-writer!

hi guys im a new member and i have a dell inspiron 8100 laptop and i wanted to get a dvd-writer for the fixed bay. I was wondering what things i should make sure it has or will any internal do, they seem to all look the same to me. I did have an external 16x liteon that connected through my USB1 port and that took over an hour to do a DVD so i returned it and said ill buy an internal one which will hopefully be quicker, so if anyone knows roughly how long an 8x dvd burn would take that would be helpful too. Thanks for any help!

Internal burners are expensive. Probably cheaper to get a PCMCIA USB-2 card and then have the pick of the external drives again. I’m surprised your original supplier didn’t advise you to get such a USB-2 card with your LiteOn.

Internals for laptops are not as easy to choose as the ones for desktops - you have to take into consideration how your machine is configured and if the new drive will fit to a connection that expects it to be “master” or “slave”, apart from other specs.
Sometimes, drives for laps only can be switched master/slave via firmware and some manufacturers don’t offer it, thus you’ve to look around for stuff that if yoy are not 100% sure it is the appropriate one you risk to damage something.
Your external is it USB2 or dual (also firewire)?
If it is a dual, you can also get a firewire PCMCIA card, otherwise get the USB2 and try it.
As imkid57 suggested it can be the solution you can live with.

Hi and thanks for the help, basically the USB drive was a LiteON and it had stopped reading dvd discs after 11 days so i have to return it. It was USB2 and my laptop only has USB1 which is why i guess everything was taking so long, so i thought it would be a faster process if everything was internal. The drive was only USB not firewire, but i do have firewire and a PCMCIA on the laptop.