Hi New Here!



Just wanted to say hey!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


hello noob


LOL dude, thats just scary, what kind of impression are you trying to give of ppl here?:eek:


LOL, man I almost fell of my chair.
:smiley: :confused: :disagree: :o :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: :frowning: :sad: :slight_smile: :doh: :bow: :flower: :cool: :cop: :clap: :stuck_out_tongue: :a :rolleyes: :wink: :Z :kiss:


lol, damn now THAT is alot of smiles :eek: whoa


Me too! :eek:
Reminds me of the “[I]scary beyond all reason[/I]” line in [I]The Emperor’s new groove[/I]. :bigsmile:

Hi [B]newbee39 [/B]:slight_smile:


All good intentions and greetings…but we have a sticky thread in this forum for saying hi…no need to create a new one…

I will close this one, it has to many replies that don’t belong in the Introduce yourself: say Hi thread.