HI! Need help

I downloaded the DVD-FAB and want to burn movies to my computer than burn them to a blank DVD… Where do i store it on my computer tried to store it on the c drive but when i look for it to burn I culdn’t find it what am I doing wrong???
Thanks for any help…

Hi Lillie and welcome.

First off, which application are you using?
Fabdecrypter (freeware), express, gold or Fab’s new Beta 3.

Fab will automatically rip to the hdd (temp file) and subsequent to the rip, should prompt you for a blank disc. Anyway, to locate the ripped file, just follow the file path for the “temp file” or for the “target”.

You will probably have better luck if you post in the Fab forum…one of the mods may move this thread for you.

Hope this helps.

I am using the free version of it … I looked in the temp files but I couldn’t find it and there was no direction to it from the program I must be doing something wrong??..

I never use fab decrypter, but basically it’s a stripped down version of express…rips only, no burn app.

On the startup screen, you should see “source” (original disc) and “target”.
Where is your target (file path)?

Just downloaded fabdecrypter, here’s a screenshot.
I created a new folder on G:. You can give the folder any name you wish and place it wherever. The default lcation is probably something like, C:\documents and settings…blah, blah, blah.

Ok thank you MM I will try that when I get home and see if it works for me…
you are a great help thank you

You’re welcome… :wink: