Hi, Let Me Introduce Myself

:flower:I’m Ferris from Aruba and I’m also a computer freak or that’s what my friends and colleagues say.

My hobby is what my job used to be. I’ used to be a Novell and MicroSoft Network administrator and also repair and install pc’s for those that cannot afford to pay what pc repair shops charge. I’m somewhat of a good Samaritan and when I get stuck, this is where I look for my answers. I use second hand parts wherever and whenever I can get them. I repair pc’s that repair shops refuse.

:rolleyes: I prefer to be seen as a handyman because I not only repair pc’s, but also do odd jobs and even carpentry, do some stuff with electricity and even work on cars and electrical appliances etc.

:aI’m 52 and still going strong in other departments too. (LOL)
Want to know more, email me.

:cop:Btw, i’m a cop by profession.:cop:

welcome to the site Ferris…

its a nice community of people here…and we have a few cops around as well
Big Mike 7 is a retired cop