Hi im new

Im not sure if this is where i need to ask this question. Maybe someone can answer it for me. I have a tunerless vcr/dvd combo player and a magnavox dvd recorder. I hooked up my digital video stabilizer RX11 so i could record vcr tapes to dvd. Some of my movies record very well others flash in and out in some parts of the movie. Does it matter if the combo is tunerless or do i need a vcr with a tuner. i have changed the battery in my stabilizer so i know its not from that. This is how i have it hooked up the cable comes out of the combo and into the in on the stabilizer and then another cable out from the stabilizer to the in on the recorder. that is how it said on the box. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Some of my videotapes have copy-protect schemes on them, and they’d fail to record after X minutes. This was called Macrovision, I believe, and some of mt Universal Studios tapes suffered that fate. (Fortunately, all of those had DVD replacements, eventually.)

The problem is most likely the digital video stabilizer you are using .
It is able to remove the Macrovision from the VHS tapes that do well but not the ones that don’t.
First make sure the tapes that don’t record well actuall play well themselves.
When there is no recording being done. If they do then that points even more to the digital video stabilizer .
There are better ones available. I have a Dimax GREX & it has always been able to remove the Macrovision.
If the tapes play poorly when there is no recording being done then the problem is the tape or the player.
If you can get the movies on commercial DVDs that is the best solution.
For movies that were never done on DVD then do as above.
Then post back.