Hi, I'm new (with a question)



Hey all, I just received my 109 a few days ago.

Can any of you give me a confirmation that I made a good decision to go with the 109?

P.S. I’m in DVD Decrypter right now, and I maxed out ripping Star Wars Ep II at 5.1x at 50% completion. Is this normal due to the riplock feature? Also, it started out at like 2.5x, then slowly got up to 5.1x at 50%, now it’s dropping back down. Is this normal? First time ever with a DVD burner so I am a complete NOOB.


Do you have the 109 or the A09XL ? If you have the 109 it’s normal, to have a slow ripspeed. You have to use the XL Firmware & Quit Drive Utility to set the drive to performance mode. But you made a good decision to buy a 109. Its a good drive. just check out my scans below.