Hi, im new the this forum and just had a quick question on burning animes onto a dvd



I a bunch of animes that i want to burn onto a dvd cd and each file is about 170mbs and so if i were to burn it onto a dvd cd which is 4.7gb shouldnt i be able to put around 20+ episodes? I’ve tried and when i added a the file… it took up 1gb of space… i was like -.-;;. I’ve heard that there is a way to do it… and thats it is very complicated… but i am willing to learn how… so if anyone knows how can you teach me plz thanks :]


Anime fansubs are almost always encoded with high-compression video codecs like DivX, XviD, h.264, etc. If you’re trying to convert them to DVD-compliant MPEG-2 video that will play on a standard DVD player, you’re going to see a jump in file size. Even tweaking your encoder settings, you should expect to use about 500-600MB of space for a 24-26 minute episode while maintaining video quality.

If you’re just trying to archive the files on DVD to play on your computer later, you should be able to fit 4.38 GB of anime on one single-layer DVD. Just burn them as a normal data compilation.


with that being said… that means i would probably only be able to fit about 4 episodes per CD… isnt there another way of doing it? cuz one of my friends friend had like 10episodes on a CD… yeah… so… i just want to know how i can do this…