Hi, I'm new & my dvd will not play in my player

I burned a dvd movie that I decrypted to my HD. I used nero recode2. Now the dvd will only play in nero. It will not play with realplayer or on my Toshiba dvd player that is a few years old. I used DVD+R by memorex (bought 100).

I also have been trying to use 1click software & it will not finalize properly & I get burn failed message.

Any help would be appreciated. I have spent hours trying.

Hey Bohdi…
What kind of burner did you use to make your disk. Memorex disks are not the greatest disks. Pretty much a crap shoot on what you get Memorex. With any luck they will be PRODISCR03 which aren’t to bad but still far from the best. They’re just the best I’ve seen Memorex come out with. You can try a couple of things. First try different media. Oh by the way you can download DVD info pro to verify what your media really is. You can go to Google and get a link to it. With different media make sure it’s a known quality media. ie. TY, MCC,. You can find them in FUJI 8X+R’s with grey bottoms. Main thing is to make sure it says made in Japan. Ritek or Ridatta, Verbatim, just to name a couple. Second since your using +R’s you can set your drive to DVD Rom if the drive allows bitsetting. This will make your +R’s more campatible with a lot more players. Give these a try and if this doesn’t work for you, let us know.


most toshiba dvd players will only play -R format, especially the older ones

a friend of mine has a toshiba that is a couple years old and it will ONLY play +R’s bitset to DVD-ROM. it will NOT play -R or regular +R discs at all

what model is your toshiba dvd player?

Not sure about Realplayer, that could be a case of not having a certain codec. The Toshiba DVD player may be bit more problem. I have found that a JVC player with DVD-Audio capability that cost >$100 about 3 years ago will not play burned dvd’s but a JVC that cost $43 and a Proton that cost $35, both will play burned dvd’s fine without regard to the disk being + or - R, PAL or NTSC, or what brand or manufacturer made the dvd. CompUSA, Walmart, Circuit City have a Phillips player for $70 (I think its model number is 639 or similiar) that supposedly will play anything- Divx, Mpeg4, CVD, mp3, etc.
I’m finding out the cheaper players work better for burned disks because they are manufactured to be sold all over the world unlike the $200 players which are manufactured specifically for the North American or European markets.

Hi Sober1,
The model is DS-1700 made Oct 2001

i think you mean SD-1700, correct?

look here

scroll down page and find your player
it says it only supports -R, but people commented on it playing some -R and some +R
i would lean more towards -R

like my previous post i would try bitsetting the +R’s you have to DVD-ROM first (if your burner supports bitsetting)

if that won’t work, then try -R discs

what kind of dvd burner do you have?

You will also have to shrink the movie to fit on a +/- R. If you don’t that will cause a failed burn.

Thanks for the info. I have an off brand ARTEC 12x Dual burner. How do I change the bitset to DVD-ROM?

i don’t think your burner doesn’t support bitsetting

your burner could have something to do with movies not playing also
i would recommend getting a good burner and use good media (and may want to get a burner that supports bitsetting) :wink: