Hi I'm new here!

Hello! Nice site U have here.

Welcome to CDF’s:

Hope you enjoy your stay here :bigsmile::p:bigsmile::stuck_out_tongue:

:flower: Welkom :flower:

Please Post Some nice Pictures of yourself in the dare thread :bigsmile::p;)

Yay! It only took 6 years, joining staff, leaving staff, and 6800+ posts before you said “hi”. :bigsmile:

A belated welcome to CDFreaks! :wink:

We were actually testing it would be good to leave the threads of people saying hi here, it seems now they are flooding the Livingroom, so we will deal with this accordingly :wink:

Welcome! One newbie to another.
I’ve only been here 2 wks. & have had immense help resolving a couple of PC headaches (one long-running), by smart people who couldn’t have been nicer!