Hi Im new here just looking for a reccommendation ona new HD drive?

So actually i been searching with no luck i just want an interntal hd-dvd rom drive that will fit my computer, I found an Nec hr 1100a and said i could buy it from the shop but i cant seem to find one.

Apparently there are a lot of brands who make them, but who makes an internal one?

any help would b apprctd!

Apparently the new xbox 360 HD-DVD player (usb) will plug into a PC and work. Google: “xbox 360, PC” for more info

yeah can confirm this works. I’ve got mine hooked up to my media center in the living room. I had to buy Power DVD 6.5 Ultra to use it mind you but it works a treat. I’ve watched about 10 HD-DVDs on it so far.