Hi im new here! got a problem with a file extension



hi every1

i have a file on my hard drive that has an img file extension, which nero and aclohol wont recognise when i try to burn it.
i have now dl daemon tools and dvddecrypter but not totally sure how to use them. i went into decrypter and selected the img file and converted it to a MDS file (which is about 5k) is that right?
then i used daemon tools to view the file.
i am now faced with an img file (approx 4400mb) and a mds file (5kb), how do i go about burning this?

please help i’m reaching for the knife drawer lol :Z


i would say it´s a clonecd image file, but 4400mb :confused:


can clonecd read dvd image files?

and can i burn using clonecd?


A 4400mb file is rather large.
What program did you use to make it?
What is the file meant to be/ contain?


now i found that clonecd 5 beta has ther ability to copy and burn dvd formats