Hi, I'm new, bought my first DVD drive, and got some noob questions


I’ve been trying to burn videos Divx in my DVD builder in Roxio, in order to play them in a regular TV DVD player.

I encountered some problems and some questions got through me.

My Divx I try to burn are about 110 megs each and 20 mins each. I discovered in Roxio that only one Divx converted take about 1.5G of space! Can only fill 3 Divx in a single DVD-R.

Why the MPG2 conversion take so much space?

Secondly, I notice in Roxio I can lower the quality of the MPEG2 to medium or low to reduce the storage datas. My question is since is Divx is also compressed with quality loss, why it need to be recompressed again?


Try using TMPGEnc to convert your DivX files to MPEG2

Then use TMPGEnc DVD Author to author the DVD

TMPGEnc and TMPGEnc are two seperate programs

There are plenty of guides here http://www.videohelp.com/convert#4;10

Use Nero, burn as data, then play w/ divx compatible DVD deck player.