Hi, I'm choosen as the moderator of the new Lite-on forum

I’ve not been an user of club cd-freaks before, but used various other forums, so some of you may know me already :wink:

I like discussion about CD-R media, lite-on drives and CloneCD…among other things, but mainly these things.

Personally I have these lite-on drives:

Memorex SixteenMAXX1040 flashed to a Lite-on LTR-16101B
Memorex TwentyFourMAXX1040 flashed to a Lite-on LTR-24102B
and a Lite-on LTR-24102B
And of course a LTD-163
and a LTN-483L 48X CD-ROM

And I’ve access to a Lite-on LTR-12102B and have used a LTR-12101B.

I’ve done several differents experiments and tests with my drives, so far I’ve not messed up any of my drives…

So I’ll pop-in and try to answer posts that I have an answer for :wink:

Great!I’m glad you wanna share your knowledge…:slight_smile:

Congradulations for being the new moderator for this forum

Could’nt think of a better guy for the job…:cool: :cool: :cool:

So you are likely the new firmware programmer for us?
HeHe ive read that there latest are buggy so…

Sounds like you have very technical background with these drives.
Glad to have you here!!!

Sorry, but I’ve no knowledge about firmware programming :frowning:

So don’t expect any special made firmware versions.

Buggy? The 5s54 is not that buggy. Only a few things that I would have liked to be fixed(or improved is more the right word):

-Reading of some protected music discs.
-Reading of data from lead out/lead in
-More discs written at 24X(it’s already better than plextor 24X in this field, but some discs like Taiyo Yuden 74Mins could easily have been written at 24X, now it’s locked to 16X).
-A bit faster error skipping in CloneCD(the 5S07-5S0F firmwares WAS fater).

But I don’t consider these things like bugs…

How could you manage to flash a Memorex to a LiteOn? I have a 24x Memorex, a friend of mine a 16x and we want to do the same!! LiteOn files don’t work, what do I have to do??