Hi, I'm catmom51 & new to this forum

Thank you for letting me join your forum. I have read here often, but didn’t feel I had anything to offer to anyone else. I’ve decided…so what! Maybe I’ll learn something I can share.

My main use lately for my computer is capturing movies with XP media center and TV card, then using VideoRedo to edit/convert then Ulead to burn to DVD for us and my aunt and uncle.

I still run into trouble sometimes, and sometimes right about 3/4 of the way through a cake box of blank DVD’s all of a sudden my burner doesn’t like them anymore and if I switch to a different brand or to DVD-RW instead of DVD-/+R then it works again. I am almost to that spot again in the box of DVD’s I switched to last time and am very curious if it will happen again.

I think there is a troll in my computer and DVD drive.

Nice to meed all of you.


Hello catmom51, welcome to the forums

Which brands of dvds have you been using? The most commonly recommended blank dvds are Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. TY can be found online more easily than in local stores, so check out rima.com or supermediastore.com if you’d like to try some.

If you load one of your dvds and use a free program called Nero CD/DVD Speed, you could give us the manufacturer id code and we could probably tell you a bit more about the ones that have been failing. There is a tab in Nero CD/DVD Speed called Disk Info—that’s where you’ll find the relevant information. You can download the program from here: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/

Don’t think you have a troll though, a gremlin maybe…

Welcome to CD Freaks catmom51 :flower:

If you’re do’in all that, then heck yeah you have stuff to offer !


Welcome catmom51

people are always asking questions on how to capturing movies with XP, and most people don’t know or can’t answer it. your expertise would be a help to them.

Welcome aboard CatMom! So nice to have you here. Could you let us know the brand and model of your writer as well?