Hi! I'm Ann Marie and I'm an idiot!

I recently got a laptop and spotted a Region 1 DVD that I wanted to buy (I’m in Region 2). I thought I did a thorough investigation but stupidly bought DVD Region Free without testing it out first. I’m not very good on technical matters so I assumed my DVD player would be ok to play it and as the DVDs were being sent to my home address (I am in college) I impetuously decided to go and buy the full program wailing and gnashing of teeth

My DVD drive is a Matshita DVD RAM UJ-811 and curses to it, but Region Free doesn’t support it, but I didn’t pay any attention to this, seeing instead that they said they didn’t support XX-8xxx and SW-xxxx Matshitas. I really want to kick myself over being so stupid, and have been trawling the net for answers. I don’t understand what the difference is with DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM. Are only a few companies using DVD RAM and will no program help in bypassing region free? (as my technical skills are so pitiful I don’t want to attempt any of the serious hacks out there). My drive still has 3 region changes left on it but I’ll be sticking to Region 1 DVDs for the time being!

Any help would be much appreciated
Ann Marie

Hi Ann Marie and welcome to our forums. Don’t feel like an idiot, we’re here to help. Your question about DVD-RAM and DVD-ROM should be answered by reading this.

I’m not sure if AnyDVD will do the trick, but there is a free trial version available so you can try it yourself. You can download it here.

Good luck and please report back if we can be at any more help.

if u rip the dvd to ur hard drive using DVD Decrypter, u could strip the region coding from the dvd, allowing u to watch dvds from any region from ur hard drive. of course, this isn’t a permanent solution since dvds will fill up ur hard drive fairly quickly.

the most permanent solutions would involve buying a new drive, either a new dvd-rom that can be made region-free (such as the Lite-On 166S), or a dvd burner with which u can burn the dvds u rip (most dvds will require additional compression to fit onto a recordable dvd as well).

this may also help you check first http://www.inmatrix.com/files/dvdgenie_download.shtml :bigsmile: