Hi im a newbie and looking for opinions



Hello fellow disc media enthusiast. Looking for the best software to test burned bd-r media quality. Tried dvdinfo pro 7 but crashed upon opening and trying to detect my pioneer drive. Thanks dudes and dudetes.


Welcome to the forums darknezz19. You’ll find quite a few bd-r tests in our Blank Media Forum. The most commonly used software for testing blu ray burns is Optidrive Control.


Hi Kerry thanks for the input. Tried a handful of apps and it appears my pioneer bdr-td03 does not support disc quality checks. Read that some apps with still do with surface tests and another kind of test, can’t remember the name for it.

Does anyone have experience with this drive’s burn quality or lack of therefore? Thanks media heads:)


You may be able to use Nero Discspeed to perform transfer rate tests and surface scans with that drive.