Hi!, I need some advice!

Hi to all of the people of the Forum! I´m from Costa Rica and I´m a computers technician…

My problem is this: I´m repairing a Pentium II of 350Mhz, 4GB of HD, 128MB of Dimm SD-RAM, and actually is using MS-Windows 2000 Professional and none Service Pack installed.

It has a lot of stuff that is so heavy for that machine, like AutoCad 2000, Macromedia Fireworks 2002 and Macromedia Dreamworks 2002… the sistem acts too slow… its times boots are like in 3:15 minutes to boot everything…

So I´m going to format the entire drive (Defrag can´t work because the HD only got 12% of free space) and I´m indecisive in one thing… what windows put on that machine… Windows ME or stay with the too estable 2000 Pro?-- the people in that house they use internet a little so the only thing they want the PC is for making jobs for the university… but they want MSN messenger and a lot of stuff… like emulators of game boy and thing´s like that…

I hope you can help me and tell me what tipes of old things can put on that dinosaur

Personally I wouldn’t put Windows ME on any computer. I’d stick with 2000 Pro, at least it’s nice & stable.

Yeah, finally another one who knows that xp stands for experimental and w2k is better. :wink:

Are you sure that 128 MB are sufficient to run all this stuff?

However I agree: go with win2000: it’s surely more stable and reliable than 98-ME.

For security reasons, maybe will be advisable to install service packs

The Machine is too old to run an NT version of Windows effectively unless you can load it with lots of memory, and then you should do ok with Win2k.

A lot of older machines believe it or not do better with Win98, and Win98 will run on 128 Megs of memory.

My advice, load it with as much CAS2 memory as your motherboards chipset will allow, update your bios and add a new hard drive, and then try it with Win2k. If it’s still too slow then Win98 is about as good as it’s going to get.

And there´s other thing… the owner told me that he didn´t want Macromedia or Autocad… they only wanted with the following: -Windows (2000 Pro, ME or 98)… Office 2000, MSN Messenger… Antivirus (I think AVAST it´s better because it´s low on resources) and MS Publisher… They aren´t going to buy a new HD and they use internet on a modem of 56K… so if I put Window Me - 98 I cannot install drivers for Chipsets or VGA cards (i´m visiting a house)… so maybe I´m going to install this:

Windows 2000Pro
Office 2000
Internet Explorer 6
MSN Messenger 7
Avast Antivirus
Zone Alarm Pro.
Visual Boy Advance
Battle Chess
Print Artist 15

This computer needs definitely more RAM in my opinion. And also a bigger HD.

Office 2000 require many RAM and a big HD to be installed.

I want to say that if the same motherboard is used as is currently in the machine, the HD limit would be about 8 gb, as when I had a Celeron 350 in my machine, that was the limit. Of the operating systems listed, 2000 Pro is the best, although you would need at least 256 MB RAM (that’s what I had in my machine) for that. Right now your options are very limited.

If this were the U.S., I’d say start with a whole new configuration, because even a very cheap configuration with new motherboard (PCChips), 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HD, a 1.8 ghz Duron processor would not be that expensive here.

Yeah over there there´s a good options for PC´s!.. the upgrade of memory that be a good idea but they don´t want that either…

Then I´m going to put Office 97 and Print Artist instead of MS Publisher 2000 and Office 2000