Hi. I have a burning problem

Hi. I am a real newbie and desperately need help please :o
I purchased an LG GSA-4167B dual layer rw. I downloaded a movie and then burned it, all seemed fine until I tried to play it in my dvd player. It just said “wrong disc”?! :confused:
I used Blaze Media Pro to burn the movie and wrote on datawrite 4.7 gb dvd-r disc. Can anyone spot a problem with this? :sad:
Please help…

Are you sure that your player accepts DVD-R?

ps I assume it is a legal download…freeware movie that is

take a look here to see if your standalone supports -R discs

Hi. Yes, it does accept dvd-r and yes the film is a legal download. Do you have any other ideas? Please…

Hi. I couldnt find my player on this site. But according to the manual the dvd rewriter does accert dvd-r. Any other ideas? please…

Welcome to CDF:

Try +R discs.

Did you buy it?

Your LG 4167B is not the best in burning DVD-R and will burn some brands of media better than others try a different brand of DVD-R or use DVD+R as rolling56 said

ps I assume anything downloaded…… for free is legal

I will. Thankyou for the suggestion. I shall keep you updated

No. I did not buy it.

Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion and the quote. It is appreciated :kiss: