Hi i am a user with a nec 3500ag(i have some questions)



hello great site :slight_smile:
i have a nec 3500 (2.16)2 days only
i have some questions
1)first is it so good dvd +R & dl???
2)is TG2 the best media discs
3) Which frimware to put 2.18 from nec site or others modified


I just bought my NEC ND-3520a burner last week and had problems with it using DVD+RW with Sony and HP. I just exchanged it 2 days ago and now no problems with the DVD+RW. I suggest you buy one and use it for your tests.


Try you burner and make sure that it works. Next, I would recommend that you upgrade to firmware 218btrpc1. Use NECWinFlash to backup your old firmware before you update to 2.18. Taiyo Yuden000 T02 8X DVD+R would be a good choice. Make sure you set the booktype in NECWinFlash to DVD-ROM for DVD+R media.

218btrpc1 is a mod firmware. Faster read speed with Dual Layer media and bitsetting option.



hi did u mean necflash_wingui.zip (NECWinFlash)??
is 3500 good dvd writer??
what is bitsetting


nec 3500 is one of the best…
218btrpc1 is a good starter firmware, but depending in which type of media you will be using their are others that may be more appropriate…

read these before you do anything: