Hi i also need help to choose a dvd burner

Hi \

i have got alcohol 120% and have had problems but then relised that my burner can not do dvds :a :a . now i want to buy a dvd burner that is supported by alcohol 120% and i already have one that can do cds

i need this to make back-ups of the discs i already have for my ps2.

any advice is welcome

thnks :bow: :bow:

Most CD and DVD burners are supported by Alcohol 120 you can find which drives are supported Here on the Alcohol web site.

could you give me some names please becuase there are so many to choose from i dont know which one is good and which one is crap.

i want one that makes a quaility copy and one that is easy on the wallet and i would like it if it is a external one but dont mind that much



Go for an LG 4163 if you can get it. Use Alcohol 120% with read and write settings at 4X. (Especially for Safedisc). If out of stock, get the newer LG 4167, not as proven but should do the same job. If backing up your DVD colllection of movies is more specific to your requirements, then get the benQ 1640. It will rip and burn D/L DVD’S to inexpensive media perfectly. All you need is Nero recode 2 and Slysoft Any DVD.

Hope this helps.

If you need the ability to copy/reproduce weak sectors, best method for cd’s is a decent CD writer. For DVD Burners, best are Plextor PX716 or older, Pioneer, LG, Lite-On, and Toshiba. There are a few others that are two sheep burners, but these are the ones that consistently do a good job.

thnaks for alll the help guys. is this one any good:??Lire on sohw 1673s


Yo bb-

Suggest that you go with the newer Lite-On sohw 1693s which is the updated model to the 1673s - and tends to read and burn better IMO-


so that is a good burner?? can u cheack that it is supported by alchol 120% plz i can not get on to the support section of the site it just says page cannot be found.

do you know any online dvd burner dealers that give realy realy low prices and in nz t


I concur with bigmike7 regarding the 1693 and yep, alcohol is cool with it. Give the folks at www.newegg.com a look, I don’t know anybody that can beat their prices or service, assuming you’re in the US. Check out the information in the LiteOn forum part of this site for more details regarding all the firmware upgrading and whatever else is there.


Thanks for the support pyzon-

However - if you read real carefully at the end of the last sentance it says “nz t” which I assume to be New Zealand-

So maybe someone familiar with that market can assist him-


thanksyou guys your help is much appreseated an d mike was right i do live in nz