Hi how to install



hi i have a new dvd writer pioneer s18l series and i want to know how to set the jumper, my pc has the slot but i am fitting this as new, there is no drive to come out.
any help would be great


Have you already had a look into the manual? S18 is retail and should come with a printed documentation.

If there is already a drive on the cable, the new one must be jumpered either as Slave (if the existing one is Master) or Cable Select (if the existing drive is configured the same).



hi just looked, there is no jumper visable, sata connection is on the back, does this mean it is already set to the correct setting?


Hi,[QUOTE=md74;2467623] sata connection is on the back[/QUOTE]Sata drives don’t have a jumper since that Master/Slave game is no longer needed with Sata. Just plug’n’pray :smiley:



ah thanks for that