Hi guys um...me again dvd writer help

hi guys as you might have read i am wanting to buy a dvd writer

i want the cheapest one plzz…
it needs to make a perfect back-up though-i am making backups of the ps2 games i have

oh…and it also needs to be supported by alcohol 120%


p.s. plz dont suggest a whole lot of different ones. i dont know about much about this all. the dvd burner doesnt have to be fast be cause i have all the time in the world

thnks guys :bow: :bow:

@ boby_bond,

You state you want the cheapest DVD Bruner and then in the same breath you say you want it to make perfect back-ups of Play Station 2 video games. Those two statements don’t usually go hand in hand. There are numerous cheap DVD Burners on the market but most of them will not make perfect back ups of Play Station 2 video games.

Before you hastily purchase any old DVD Burner I suggest you visit the CD Freaks Optical Drives Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=61) and do some researching on which DVD Burners are capable of making back up copies of Play Station 2 video games. Them after conducting your research make some inquires there as to which DVD Burner meets your needs of making perfect back ups of Play Station 2 games.

I have noted that some Forum Members use a DVD-ROM noted for its excellent reading ability as a source reader and then use a DVD Burner that is noted for its excellent writing ability to produce excellent back up copies of Play Station 2 video games. Some DVD Burners are noted for their reading ability and some DVD Burners are noted for their writing ability. It is only a few DVD Burners that have both excellent reading and excellent burning abilities. Do you research well and you will find the DVD Burner noted for its both excellent reading/writing ability.

Also I would do some researching on what software programs produce excellent results when making backup copies of Play Station 2 video games. Not all DVD Copying Software Programs make perfect copies of Play Station 2 video games because most Play Station 2 video games have some type of copy protection schemes that make it difficult to produce back up copies.

A prudent informed consumer would heed the above suggestions. I note through out this Forums many consumers do not do any research and just run out and buy the first DVD Burner they see. Then they rush to the Forum and with their problems because they were totally unaware of the poor choice they made in their purchase decision seeking help.

Best Regards,


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