Hi guys, quick question about DVDFab Express



I just successfully copied Casino Royale (Full Screen) to my Harddrive using fab express, but the movie came out in five 1GB chunks. is their anyway using “DVDFab Express” to get it copy to just one large 5GB file?

your help is appreciated


Hello kmec20
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Are you talking about making it into one VOB file :confused:


why yes, yes i am.


You must have saved it in FAT32 format partition. Use NTFS partition instead.


and how might i do that??


May I ask what would be the reason for doing this :confused:


[B]DVDFab Express[/B] has been discontinued since 11/06, are you talking about [B]DVDFab Decrypter[/B]?



yes, i mean DVDFab Decrypter. sorry for the confusion. but can anyone still help me?


It will decrypt it to your hard drive in a video_ts folder. Just use a buning program and you are home free.


what is a “buning” program?

and i am doing this so i can easily convert it to mpeg-4 format and put it on my ipizzle…so their would be no “buning” whatsoever


It’s not that simple.
You need a “DVD to iPod” program to convert the DVD files to a format the the iPod will be able to read.


As Merlin_AZ pointed out, if you’re trying to use Fab decrypter (freeware), it’s not that simple and you’ll have to covert the files.
However, if you use platinum, it’s very clean and easy and platinum will do it all. You can try it out as a 30 day free trial. It’s the same app as the full retail version except that it will expire after 30 days.


What version of windows are you using? As stated in another post, you must have your HD formated FAT partitions that limit size of folders. NTFS formated partitions allow larger folders. According to what all you have on your computer it ma be easier to do a new format. I cannot remember if windows alows you to change it now, but you use to have to buy a third party program such as Partition Magic or there may be some free programs. I remmember when I bought a 11 GB HD for an old P1 running Windows 95. When it installed I had so many drive letters that I did not know where anything was stored. Think that was Fat 16.



I don’t think his problem has anything to do with his HD partition. It is standard for VOB’s to be split into 1gb chunks on DVD’s. However this can be a pain for people who work with other file types such as .avi (XVID or DIVX) and .mp4 (H.264), because you need the full file to send it through many conversion programs. This is the reason I have to use DVD Shrink for this purpose. Luckily most of what I convert is TV shows and most are not encrypted, but when they are I have to run them through DVD Fab Decrypter and then into DVD Shrink.

You may ask why I don’t use DVD Fab Platinum to do this in one step and the reason is simple. DVD Fab Platinum does not support 640x480 iPod with H.264. I have asked before if it would ever be supported and have not received a response.

KMEC20, I think you can solve your problem by taking what DVD Fab ripped onto your hard drive and open it in DVD Shrink. Go to the settings of DVD Shrink and uncheck split into 1gb chunks. Then select whatever you want, I go into reauther and would just select the movie. This should fix your problem I believe.