Hi, guys! please show me how to set smartburn permanently in Nero 7.5.1

I install Nero version 7.5.1. It has a check-box when you click on the information of your burner. But, i wonder whether I just check “smart burn box” when burning my dvd disc instead of just using the smart-burn program from Lite-on each time.
I really need your help guy! I’m now so confused that if my burner activated the smart-burn function or not.
my burner is Lite-on 165HS6 firmware HS0E.
thank you so much!

With the Liteon SmartBurn app you just set it the once & it’s done.

How do you switch smart burn OFF within nero 7 premium for nero vision?

The smart burn when using nero vision is causing write error when burning. I can switch it off in the option for nero express, but can’t seem to do it for nero vision. Can you help?

Use the Liteon utility & do it properly.

but, the problem is that I dont know whether or not it’s turned on or off. Because when i choose smart burn in Nero, the Lite-on utility didnt detect it! so it’s confused!

The standard Liteon SmartBurn utility seems confusing to me. Try the test one on this forum found here .