Hi guys new to this forum but having major cd editing dilemmas

im Steve hi guys just wondering if i can get some advice… I am a dj in Australia and on a regular basis record my dj sets which can be up to 180 minutes in length now my dilemma is i cant find a program that will add track numbers/cd text in to my mixes without having pauses etc, i am using cd architect 5.2 which allows you to add track numbers but you can then only burn it straight on to cd, so im basiclly looking for a program that will let me do the same thing but be able to save it my hard drive as an mp3 file without burning it on to cd any help appreciated.


Steve :slight_smile:

Just for grins, I cut a song in half and created a playlist. Creative player produced a pause, Windows media player did not.

“Probably” you can create your tracks/labels as desired and then just find a player that will play them without interruption.

Goodday mate.