Hi guys im having some problems

i made some back ups of my old psx games and about a week ago my game legend of mana was severely scratched up because of my younger brother.

So at the moment i have .img .sub .ccd .cue and honeslty i have no idea how i should put them on to a cd-r.

I think i used clone cd or alcohol 120% to get those but honeslty i dont dont remember so if any body could give me some seriously basic steps i would be grateful, and my psx is chipped by the way.

Thanks alot guys

You should know how to use them because you have created them by yourself.

Just use that softwares, burning the backups is self-explanatory.

You should of copy the game in DVD media in begin with but what ever program you have useed for backup use the same one to restore the file in to its original place (you hard drive).

im sorry but i made the backups a very longtime agoim not even sure what files i should burn or even how can some please tell me how i should burn them please

if you can prove to me that these backups are legitimate backups i will show you the way

lol ok and how do i do that? i dont think i have the reciepts anymore since i was about 14 when i bought the games

There’s nothing to even vaguely suggest that there’s anything illegal going on so why don’t you just help the guy.

yes that would really be helpful since i never completed the game :frowning:

You made your backups with an old version of CloneCD.

i honestly cant remember

It wasn’t a question. You made them with CloneCD. So install CloneCD and make new ones.

um could you please give me some instructions please because i probably will screw this up and waste a bunch of cd’s

I don’t see what’s so difficult at clonecd. Just install it, select the image and write it.

i would but im afraid it wont work and i only have 3 blank cd-r’s left
and im not what sure what exactly to burn should i burn the : .img .sub .ccd .cue
or do i burn them all together or just the .img file

as you can see i am really confused…sorry about this

Load the .cue file, then burn.

i did that and…sadly it didnt work :frowning:

Hi, I’m new here & I have a question. I have the bin & cue files for a game, but I don’t know how it works burning them onto a CD, or do you use a DVD-RW? I want to play my old files of Persona : Revelations on my PS2, but I don’t know what to do with my files. I was hoping someone could either point me to an FAQ or tell me step-by-step what I need/need to do & what I need to use to re-burn my old files.

Which application did you make them with?

Nero 6 I think? I don’t think I can get it to work anyway.

[QUOTE=Kronoan;2034904][B]Nero 6 I think?[/B] I don’t think I can get it to work anyway.[/QUOTE]

No way.